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The right warranty will protect your investment and save you money!


Deductibles & Coverage
Generally companies that offer extended vehicle warranty contracts offer a variety of service plans with deductibles ranging from $0 to $100. Read through all the plans and decide which one is right for you.

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Vehicle Types Covered:
Cars, trucks, SUVs
Coverage Area: United States
In Business Since: April 2002
Administrator: Phoenix American Warranty Company, Inc.
Insurer: National Casualty Company (Rated: A+)
BBB: Yes (view report)
Mileage: Vehicles with up to 75,000 odometer miles can obtain coverage.
The Auto Club is an on-line marketer of an affordable extended vehicle warranty and roadside assistance for your automobile, motorcycle/ATV or recreational vehicle. A warranty purchased through The Auto Club is directly insured by an "A" rated insurance company such as a member of the Nationwide® Insurance group, rated by A.M. Best, A+ (Superior). Their warranties are directly insured by an insurance company that has the financial stability to pay claims today and in the future.
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