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The right warranty will protect your investment and save you money!


Deductibles & Coverage
Generally companies that offer extended vehicle warranty contracts offer a variety of service plans with deductibles ranging from $0 to $100. Read through all the plans and decide which one is right for you.

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About us

WarrantyCompete.com was created to educate consumers about the options that are our there for extended auto warranties on the web. Dealerships often hide ridiculous extended warranty price mark-ups in monthly car payments. There are many great companies out there other then your local dealer.

We consistently research the market to find and review extended warranty companies and offer this research to you to use when going through the process of purchasing a warranty. It's time for consumers to take control of their extended warranty options from high priced car dealerships.

Our goal is simple at WarrantyCompete.com - Provide you with the research and resources to help you make the right choice for your extended auto warranty.



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